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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

In our daily life, we get light and heat in our homes and offices through electricity. When the energy of the sun is used for this purpose, it is termed as solar energy. Most of the energy sources are non-renewable that cannot be replaced with new energy. The electricity is a non-renewable source running with coal and water. Such types of sources are finished with time so they are limited on this earth. Overuse of these resources has led to a shortage of power and electricity and it affects our daily life. On the other hand, the sun is an endless and natural source of energy that will never finish. Thus, it is better to use solar energy for obtaining light, heat and power in our life. It is a renewable energy source and inexpensive too. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sun energy.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

A Lower Electricity Bill 

The cost of electricity is rising each year and our daily works at home and office depend on it. We run many types of appliances and gadgets that use electricity. It puts a huge bill on us every month. Using sun energy will decrease the cost of your electricity bill. The sunlight is free of cost and available in plenty most time of the year. There is also an option of selling the surplus sun energy to a solar grid, thus helping in earning extra money.

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Boon For Rural Areas

The power and energy obtained from the sun is a boon for people living in rural areas. The villages and rural areas have a very serious electricity shortage. Sunlight is useful in such places to run appliances and get light and heat through the power of the sun.

Low Maintenance 

The solar equipment used at home or office doesn’t need much maintenance. It is easy to clean it. Cleaning is done twice a year. In addition, the solar equipment comes with a very good warranty lasting up to many years. Therefore, the life of such equipment is very long with very fewer maintenance issues.

Pollution Free

Solar powder does not cause any pollution. The electricity generated with coals and other methods produce a lot of pollution that damages the environment. On the other hand, producing power with sunlight is safe for the environment and humans as it is pollution free.

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Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Not Suitable For Bad Weather Conditions

The main problem with equipment used to trap the heat of the sun is that they don’t work in bad weather and when there is less sunlight. There can be a problem when there are clouds and rains. Also, sunlight is absent during the night so you cannot charge the solar appliances at all time of the day.

High Initial Cost For Buying Solar Equipments

When a person decides to use solar energy, he may have to pay a high cost initially for buying the solar equipment. The manufacturing of such equipments is costly so it may be slightly expensive for the buyers.

Solar Equipment Need Huge Space

Another problem with solar equipment is that they need a lot of space. If you have a huge house or an area with large surfaces, you can install the solar panels very easily. However, people who live in small houses or having limited space can have problems in installing the solar equipment.

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